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We provide a good range of electrical services. If you’re still unsure, please contact us to find out more. 

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Emergency Electricians

Power outages and shorts circuits can happen аt аnу time so its imperative tо call DP Electrical..

Electrical Safety Inspections

Get An Electrical Safety Inspection For Your Home or Business.

Strata & Real estate Maintenance

Throughout all of our many Sydney strata services, we are able to provide 24/7 response..

Switchboard upgrades

Did you know each year around 15 people across Australia are killed in electrical deaths that could have been..

Residential Electrical

If you are building, renovating or need a sparky to do a quick job for you, DP Electrical will help you..

Commercial Electrical

DP Electrical can cover all aspects of commercial electrical and security. From offices to shop fit outs.

Smoke Alarms

Everyone is familiar with smoke alarms – they alert us if they sense smoke from a fire. Smoke alarms are carefully..

Energy Efficient Home

How can you make your home energy efficient? Click “View Services” to find out more information.

Smart Home

Ever thought about how good it would be to ask someone to turn on your lights for you and they do it with no questions asked?

CCTV, Intercoms, Security and Access Control

How secure is your home or business? We offer CCTV, security alarm, intercom system and door access control installs..

Electrical Maintenance

What is Electrical maintenance and why is it important? For businesses, electrical maintenance is more necessary than ever since any electrical failure can cause..

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Compliance Testing

How often these items are serviced depends on the statutory, compliance, customer and manufacturer needs. Most people will generally only complete the basics like testing and tagging of appliances. You may not be aware of the compliance requirement for RCD (safety switch) testing. This means we come along with an RCD tester, check that it trips and record the trip time.

We make it easy for you by setting up a maintenance schedule at the time of installation. We will then send you a reminder when the maintenance is due.

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