Smart Home

Ever thought about how good it would be to ask someone to turn on your lights for you and they do it with no questions asked..? Now you can. With Googlae or Alexa and some wifi modules it’s easy, you can also have all this functionality at your fingertips on your phone or tablet. And it doesn’t stop there, get your air conditioning, garage door, audio, intercom and security cameras integrated together..

But isn’t it expensive?

These days you can get a basic automation system retro fitted to your existing installation. The days of having to wire new cables to each switch and smart device with 3-4 relay modules and days of programming are over. What used to cost $40-50k can now be done for more than half the price.

There are two different protocols for the new modules, Wifi or Z wave. The Z wave devices run on their own frequency and therefore not clogging up your router with too many wifi devices.

The wifi devices are great if you are only going for some basic options and have a limited number.

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