Electrical Maintenance

What is Electrical maintenance and why is it important?

For businesses, electrical maintenance is more necessary than ever, since any electrical failure can cause extensive downtime and data loss. These crazy weather events have also brought electrical maintenance to the forefront.

Just because most electrical systems are out of sight, it doesn’t mean they should remain out of mind. As time goes on, these systems break down and wear and tear increases. Regularly scheduled electrical maintenance is a surefire way to keep you and your family out of harm’s way, as well as avoiding long term issues and large electrical bills in the future.

Electrical maintenance is a service carried out by a licensed electrician, so your home’s electrics are safe and efficient. Some of the most common services include:

Wiring repairs

Switchboard maintenance

Lighting tests

Smoke detector testing

Powerpoint testing

Electrical maintenance gives an electrician a chance to fully inspect your home and provide advice on electrical repairs, replacements or upgrades you may require. These preventative measures can ensure malfunctions don’t occur on greater scales and can ensure your electrics continue to work effectively and safely into the future.

Electrical fires are one of the leading cause of housefires in Australia. They are an unfortunate recurring trend. Some reports say 40 percent of housefires in New South Wales were caused by electrical faults.

There are two main causes of electrical fires, ageing wiring or  old switchboards and overloaded power boards and sockets. Meanwhile, Other electrical hazards include faulty appliances and the misuse of electrical equipment.

It’s important that everyone understands the risks of electrical faults and the true threat an electrical fire poses. Prevention and maintenance truly is the best defence to make sure your home is always well protected.

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